Kupang, Indonesia: The Church of the Nazarene in Kupang responded to God’s call to serve their community through children’s ministry. In 2020, they started with 12 kids and are now serving 110 kids and counting. Most of these children came from low-income families.

Herman, an Indonesia Nazarene Theological College (INTC) graduate, found a ministry opportunity when he needed to find a job to pay his school fees. Working in several places allowed him to build relationships and start a fellowship ministry in 2020. He started ministering to 3 families. After he received his diploma, he received an offer to become a teacher in his hometown. Since he cannot continue the ministry in Kupang he turned over the leadership of the church to Mr. Daud and Mrs. Diana. Today, 20 families are now attending the fellowship.

Mrs. Diana saw the need to have separate worship services for the children to help them fully understand the Word of God. In April 2023, she formed the children’s service that happens every Friday and is attended by 12 children.

Many children in the community speak harshly and often fight, but the church taught them to memorize Bible verses and listen to Bible stories. They also provide nutritious food and drinks for the children at every meeting. Mrs. Diana is grateful because several parents are present whenever she teaches the children and can hear about God’s word and spiritual disciplines. She also invited five volunteer mentors to teach the children. Even though these volunteers travel 30 to 40 minutes to mostly rocky and muddy roads to Kupang, they continue to serve because of their passion for seeing the children grow in God’s Word and love.

On 7 September 2023, Sealands Field NCM and the Holistic Child Development Coordinator visited Kupang to see how the church is serving the children. NCM saw the need and funded the building of a suitable center for children’s ministry. Mr. Roni – Sealands NCM Coordinator said, “I am very happy that the local church has initiated this ministry to serve the community.”

Pray for Kupang Church as they continue to expand their ministry in this area. Pray for the provision of resources – like books, school supplies, and clothes for children. Mrs. Diana also hopes that the mentors will be equipped so they can effectively teach Sunday School to the children.