Thailand District 

As a result of the generous giving of the Japan District Church of the Nazarene, the denomination entered Thailand in 1989, with two missionary families: Michael and Rachel McCarty, and Richard and Jean Knox. The Thailand District was organized in 1990 with two churches: Bangkok First Church and the Khmer church in Surin (which later dissolved when refugees returned to Cambodia). Michael McCarty was the first DS of the Thailand District from 1990-1993, and the Bangkok First Church was officially organized on Pentecost Sunday, 1991.  Siripawn Malagul was a charter member. In 2010, there were five organized churches and three preaching points.  In 2020 there are seven established churches (including 2 Myanmar churches) and at least seven preaching points. District Superintendents have included:  Dr. Michael McCarty, Rev. Richard Knox, Dr. Daniel Saengwichai, Rev. Sawat Hahom, and Rev. Tanongsak Pong ‘oodta (current). 

Northern Thailand District 

The Northern Thailand District was organized in 1994 with five Lahu churches and several preaching points through the pioneering work of Rev. Samuel and Mrs. Lumae Yangmi (and Julie, Nellie, Samantha, and Anzie) who joined the Church of the Nazarene in 1993.  The five churches they had started in Northern Thailand: 1) Huay Tat 2) Pasak, 3)Payang, 4)Nong Wua Daeng, 5) Huay Luang joined the Church of the Nazarene in 1994 as the Northern Thailand District.  SEANBC established a residential program in 2004, building on the campus of the MaeTang Children’s Home. In 2020 there are 16 established churches and multiple preaching points in the N. Thailand district. District Superintendents have included: Rev. Samuel Yangmi, Rev. Benjamin (the first Lahu DS), Rev. Kent Pelton, Rev. Lasoe Jasa, and Rev. Anusorn (Simon) Saengbenjatam (current).