Myanmar Northwest District (The First District in Myanmar)

Dr. Robin H. Seia and his family began the work on July 15, 1983, upon arriving from the USA. The first Pioneer District Assembly was held on March 28, 1984, under Dr. William Greathouse, Jurisdictional General Superintendent, and Dr. Donald D. Owens, Regional Director. At the second District Assembly, four local churches were fully organized in Yangon, Bassein, Aungthapyi, and Tahan with 400 members. The Church of the Nazarene was officially registered with the government on August 15, 1984 (Reg. No. 1554), confirmed by the District Assembly as the founding date of the Church of the Nazarene in Myanmar. Dr. Robin Seia served as DS for 32 years, from 1984 until 2016.  In 2016, there were 22 established churches in Myanmar and a SEANBC (now Chapman International College) residential campus in Yangon. Dr. Donghwan (Bill) Kwon was appointed 2nd DS. in March 2016. In 2017, the Myanmar District was approved to become a Phase II district, and in 2018 the Myanmar District gave birth to a new Phase II district: the Myanmar Southern District. At the same time, the Myanmar District pioneered two mission areas; Mandalay Pioneer area in 2018 and Northern Rakhine State in 2019. That year, the Myanmar district changed its name to Myanmar Northwest District, and Rev. Lal Pek Mawia (Peka) was appointed the third DS.  In  2020, Myanmar Northwest has 21 organized churches.


Myanmar Southern District 

Myanmar Southern District was unique, being a Phase II district from the beginning, due to the rapid church planting and leadership development from the Myanmar District.  From its inception, the Southern District had 18 churches and 8 ordained elders. The founding DS was Dr. Donghwan (Bill) Kwon, and a year later, Rev. Ram Neih Thang (Rama) was appointed the first national DS in 2019. Currently, the District has 17 established churches, 7 mission type churches, and 9 preaching points with 1,350 active members. The Myanmar Southern District pioneered the Lyawaddy pioneer area in 2018 by sending out a local family to the area.


Myanmar Central District 

When the Holy Spirit challenged the leaders of the Myanmar District, God prepared His disciples for a great ministry. Pastor Thana (formerly known as lay evangelist) passionately shared the gospel to the Burmese in the Buddhist context. He soon met Pastor Moe Kyaw Neing, who was a former Buddhist Monk in the Mandalay area. Together, Pastor Thana and D.S. Bill Kwon agreed to open a SEANBC extension center in Mandalay, and Pastor Moe Kyaw Naing taught 12 students in 2018. After the class was finished, 7 of them went back to their hometowns and began planting Nazarene churches. In 2020, the Mandalay pioneer area became the Myanmar Central District; the founding DS. is Dr. Donghwan (Bill) Kwon. There are 7 established churches, 4 ordained elders, 14 district licensed pastors, and 183 official members of the Church of the Nazarene. This District is primarily focusing on reaching Burmese and Buddhist non-believers for Christ. 


Myanmar Northern (formerly known as Northern Mekong District)

The Myanmar Northern was organized by the pioneering work of Rev. Samuel Yangmi among the Lisu people group. On April 20, 1997, the first District Assembly was held in the city of Myitkyina with 5 pastors and 130 members. In 1999, the 5 founding pastors received district licenses. In 2012, the district grew to 8 churches, 14 pastors, and 500 members. In 2007, SEANBC chancellor, Rev. Kent Pelton, introduced SEANBC extension classes, beginning with 20 students. The first class graduated in 2016 with 27 graduates. Soon after the graduation, 5 pastors received ordination. In 2017, 32 pastors received district licenses. Currently, there are 10 established churches. Rev. Sam Yangmi served as DS until his retirement in 2019.  In 2020, Rev. Phu Sar Yai was appointed the first Lisu DS.