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Fed-Ex plane filled with 200,000 pounds of donated relief supplies unloading in Cebu, Philippines

Update 11/27/13 1:26 pm Photo Album of Relief Supplies and some of those who helped on the ground in Cebu, Philipines

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Update on Volunteerism from the Mobilization Coordinator, Greg Taylor, for Nazarene Global Missions

Update 11/25/13  1:43pm   Relief supplies donated by Heart to Heart, delivered as gift by FedEx cleared customs, headed for staging!

Thanks to FedEx and Heart to Heart, more help headed for staging! Customs cleared!

Thanks to FedEx and Heart to Heart, more help headed for staging! Customs cleared!

Cebu City, Philippines: There is incredible excitement in the air today, and on the ground, as the FedEx MD-11 filled with relief supplies donated from Heart to Heart International and Direct Relief, landed in Cebu at 7:45am local time. The shipment, loaded in Los Angeles, U.S. with more than 200,000 pounds of relief supplies, flew directly to Cebu, the second largest city in the Philippines, located just about 64 kilometers (40 miles) from some of the hardest hit areas. While the distance doesn’t seem far, it is over open water. What makes this relief operation more challenging is that the Philippines is comprised of 7,100 islands. Transportation between many of these hard hit islands is currently by boat or helicopter only.

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Unloading in Cebu

The FedEx plane was met on the ramp by Central Visayas District Nazarene Disaster Response volunteers, and will be moved to the Mactan Church of the Nazarene for staging.

– Pray now for the smooth clearance of the shipment through customs!
– Pray now for the safety of the volunteers who will be working to move the shipment from the airport to the Mactan Church Storage Facility.
– Pray for those throughout the area devastated by Super Typhoon Yolanda, who will be receiving these supplies, that they will see the hand of God and His incredible provision.
– Pray for the medical team members from Heart to Heart who are on the ground treating those in need.
– Pray for our other Nazarene Disaster Response volunteers who have been on the ground now into their third week. For many, this is their fourth disaster deployment in the last 4 months. Some haven’t been home for more than a couple of days.

Fed-Ex loading in Los Angeles, California headed to Cebu-Philippines

Fed-Ex loading in Los Angeles, California headed to Cebu-Philippines

Check back frequently over the next 24 hours as we provide details of the clearance, overland movement, and staging of this shipment. You can also follow more frequent updates on Facebook at: Asia Pacific Nazarene or twitter: @APNazRegion.