Indianapolis, USA: It was a historic day for Chapman International College (CIC) when its Indianapolis Center held its first graduation ceremony last 23 July 2022 at Indy Southside Church of the Nazarene in Indiana, USA. Ten Myanmar students completed and received their Diploma of Ministry degree.

Rev. Ray McCrary, the lead pastor of Indy Southside Church and coordinator for CIC Indianapolis Center, was overjoyed as he welcomed guests, candidates’ families, friends, and members of faith communities who were present at the event.

Indianapolis District Superintendent, Dr. Brian Wangler gave the commencement address. Dr. Wangler spoke enthusiastically on “the call” from Isaiah 50. He closed his message with a challenge to all the graduates, “You are where you are by divine appointment … so set your hearts where God is leading you.”

Rev. Mark Eugenio, CIC Chancellor, had the opportunity and privilege to attend the occasion and physically confer the graduates’ diploma. Using Proverbs 37:23, he charged each of the graduates, “The Lord delights in every detail no matter how big or small. So with all of life and ministry decisions, wholeheartedly recognize His guidance and wisdom and lean upon the perfect guidance of the Word of God.”

“These ten graduates are the first students, first finishers on this historic first commencement program at our Indianapolis Center. We look forward to having more!” Mark Eugenio added.

CIC Mobile Education Program

The Chapman International College (former South East Asia Nazarene Bible College) Mobile Education program was initiated more than five years ago by visionary individuals who have a passion for reaching the Burmese people. Pastor Steve Rhoades – Pastor of The Point Church & Community Center, Dr. Ron Blake – former Indianapolis District Superintendent, Rev. Ray McCrary – Lead Pastor of Indy Southside Nazarene, Pastor Zo Zum – Myanmar Pastor, and Dr. Bill Kwon – South East Asia Field Strategy Coordinator (former CIC Chancellor and Myanmar Central District Superintendent), strongly agreed that offering ministerial programs in the Burmese language would lead to the transformation of Burmese communities in the USA. Through CIC Mobile Education Program (MEP), Myanmar students residing in the USA could enroll and learn through the classes offered by Burmese professors in Yangon, Myanmar.  Dr. Wangler assured Ray and Mark of his continued commitment to assisting the training program. 

Chapman International College (CIC) exists to provide transformational education to equip lay and ministerial leaders through cutting-edge delivery systems to become Christ-like disciples within the Wesleyan/Biblical Holiness tradition. In doing this mission, this statement emphasizes developing a creative delivery system to train pastors and lay leaders where they are. CIC is committed to delivering a modular curriculum, Course of Study, anywhere disciples desire to learn and serve the people.