Singapore   Thursday, July 11, 2013
During the Asia-Pacific Regional Caucuses at the Church of the Nazarene’s 28th General Assembly, delegates from the region made the following elections, which have been approved by the General Board.Elected to represent the Asia-Pacific Region on the General Board of the Church of the Nazarene during the term 2013-2017:
Min Gyoo Shin                  (Clergy, Korea)
Kafoa Muaror                    (Clergy, South Pacific)
Peter Aree                        (Layperon, Melanesia Field)
Shionel Gesite                  (Layperson, Philippine Field)Elected to the Regional Advisory Council were:Min Gyoo Shin                  (Clergy, Korea)
Kafoa Muaror                    (Clergy, South Pacific)
Peter Aree                        (Layperon, Melanesia Field)
Shionel Gesite                  (Layperson, Philippine Field)
Douglas Carolesen            (Clergy, ANZ Field)
Masahiko Egashira            (Lay, Japan)
Andrew Tsai                     (Lay, Chinese Ministries Field)
Yohanes Winoto               (Clergy, Sealands Field)
Nguyen Thi-Hang             (Lay, Southeast Asia Field)Elected to the Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary Board of Trustees:

Neville Bartle                   (Clergy, ANZ Field)
Masahiko Egashira           (Lay, Japan)
Shionel Gesite                 (Lay, Philippine Field)
Kye Suk Lee                    (Lay, Korea)
Kafoa Muaror                  (Clergy, South Pacific Field)
Shi-Li Tang                     (Clergy, Chinese Ministries Field)
Obaja Sigit Karyono         (Clergy, Sealands Field)
Wanlop                           (Lay, Southeast Asia Field)
Thomas Rombuk             (Lay, Melanesia Field)
Sunil Dandge                  (South Asia Representative)

During Tuesday afternoon’s closing caucus, Regional Director Mark Louw thanked the delegates for their prayerful participation in the election process. He prayed a special blessing on the newly elected leaders, asking that God would provide wisdom and discernment in the days and years ahead.

Church of the Nazarene Asia-Pacific Region