Vanuatu:  A magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck off the coast of Vanuatu in the early morning hours (06:33am) local time on Friday, the 29th of April (3:33pm EDT on Thursday 28th of April.)

There were preliminary concerns for tsunami waves of up to 3.0 meters, (9.8 feet) but those have now been cancelled.

We are still waiting for information from our team members on the ground regarding damage.

Please pray and continue to check back for updates.

*** Update as of 10:00 AM, Friday, April 29th (Vanuatu Time),  7pm, Thursday, April 28th (EDT). 

David and Sylvia Potter

David and Sylvia Potter

The earthquake was located about 7km from one of the larger towns on Malekula (Island) which is basically a harbor for ships to go and come. There are no major towns on Malekula and the bush material homes handle the earthquakes quite well.

We definitely felt it here. Our house rocked back and forth for about 15 seconds. So, I’m sure at Norsup (island to the north) they felt it, but most likely no damage. We will listen for reports. Thanks for checking in on us! – Sylvia Potter.