Nazarene work in Mongolia officially recognized by denomination

In 2017, the Church of the Nazarene officially recognized the presence of the Nazarene church in Mongolia, where God has been growing a team of international Nazarenes who have faithfully helped to establish this presence.… Read More

Shipai Church Takes Risk in Discipleship

One year ago, a service at Shipai Church of the Nazarene had about 20 people attending. Pastor James Huang had just succeeded Pastor Shi and his wife who had faithfully served the church for nearly… Read More


Have you ever waited for something and then God reveals to you that it's time to move? I am never good at waiting, but I remember exciting moments in my life when the wait is… Read More

Schedule of Asia-Pacific Region District Assembly Dates

Church of the Nazarene Asia-Pacific Region District Assembly Schedule 2017-2018 Date Field District Assembly October 2017 30 Mel/South-Pacific Middle Ramu ** with Ordination November 2017 1 Mel/South-Pacific Jiwaka South 1 Mel/South-Pacific Hagen ** with Ordination… Read More

NCM requests Crisis Care Kits as churches provide aid to disaster victims

Thousands of Crisis Care Kits (CCKs) have been sent to south Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and more are headed to south Florida as Hurricane Irma approaches. These disasters have virtually emptied Nazarene… Read More

From Death to Life – God’s Vision for the Yangmei Church of the Nazarene

For you have delivered me from death and my feet from stumbling, that I may walk before God in the light of life. Psalm 56:13 Pastor James and family Six years ago, Yangmei Church… Read More

WMC-AP Renews Partnership for Recording Old Testament Audio

(L-R) Pinky Mayshle, Raffy Santos, Ervz Tia Manila, Philippines: Two years ago, World Mission Communications Asia-Pacific (WMC-AP) entered into a ministry partnership with Biblica, to produce the Tagalog translation of the… Read More

CALD 프로그램을 통해 기적을 사는 학생들

CALD (Cultural and Linguistic Diverse)은 문화와 언어의 다양성이라는 프로그램인데 호주 브리즈번에 있는 나사렛 신학대학(Nazarene Theological College)에서 수년동안 열려왔습니다. CALD은 호주와 뉴질랜드의 비 서양권 문화를 가진 학생들의 자원들을 최대한 좋게 그리고 알맞게 찾아주는 프로그램입니다. 이 프로그램은… Read More

2017년 중앙총회 결의안 일정 열람 가능

Global Ministry Center: 나사렛교회 총 사무관인  (General Secretary) David Wilson은 2017년 중앙총회 결의 일정이 이번주 안에 완성되어 영문으로 중앙총회 홈페이지에서 열람이 가능할 것이라고안내했습니다. 2017-2021 나사렛교리장정을 수정하는 과정에 대한 정보도 일정에서 확인하실 수 있습니다. “중앙총회 규정 16번… Read More

태풍은 홍콩과 마카오 그리고 중국 남쪽을 황폐화시키다.

Photo Credit: South China Morning Post, Nora Tam South China: 2017년 8월 23일, 수요일, 중국 남쪽은 강한 태풍 피해를 받았습니다. 큰 바람과 물로 마카오와 홍콩을 뒤덮었습니다. 마카오에서 8명 중국 남쪽 광동쪽에서 4명 총… Read More