The vision for this district center is that it would be a place that the churches in the district can use, but also that all people in the community will see it as a safe haven. Since this building was constructed, it has served as a shelter during times of disaster to the community. During cyclones and earthquakes, those affected know this to be a safe haven and also that the church community and NCM will assist them with relief supplies. The center provides space for Pastoral meetings, district assemblies, and camps, having revival services, crusades, and youth gatherings. South Pacific Nazarene Theological College meets for classes monthly and many other district training meet in this facility. Everything we do is to make Christ known to all nations across Vanuatu. Join this exciting ministry on the beautiful island of Vanuatu in the South Pacific.


There are two things left to be done on this thriving district center. It needs a covered veranda on two sides of the building. This will shelter the building when there is storms and keep the water out of the front door and the windows. It will also provide space outside the building for meeting. They also need their toilets redone as they were messed up in a storm. You will love to be a part of the ministry here. They love to do evangelism at the market place and the hospital and kids club and preaching if someone is willing. Your time on this beauiful island will encourange your hearts as you partner with this district.