Joining together with local brothers and sisters in Christ To breathe new life into this Pioneer Samoan Church of the Nazarene.



This, the first Samoan Nazarene Church of the Nazarene, located at Lotopa, has endured earthquakes, cyclones, heavy rains, and the tropical sun for decades. Since 1962, this church building has faithfully served the people of Western Samoa. These decades of life and worship have left this church building in need of tender love and care. Now is the time to join in to bring this building back up to standards of safety and beauty to continue to serve the people. Here is an opportunity to join with the body of Christ in Western Samoa to rebuild. There are jobs for any skill level, be the worker young, old, or anywhere in between! We have metal roofing to repair and replace. there is electrical fixtures to remove and install new. Cement must be demolished so new can be poured. Painting, painting, painting! And let us not forget the tile work, both prep and finish. Yes, it is time to get excited about all the work that will bring glory to this historic Nazarene church. So, form a team and be part of the fun with our Samoan brothers and sisters.