Every four years, Nazarene Youth International (NYI) gathers young people all over the world for a unique opportunity to empower emerging leaders through an event called Third Wave. This year, 240 young people came to India and represented over 60 countries. 

Before Third Wave started, the 49 participants from the Asia-Pacific region met for a couple of days for a time of worship, learning together, and prayer. According to one of our representatives from the Chinese Ministries, “I learned a lot from our regional training sessions, it is professional and practical… It is true that we need to be aware of the people that we meet every day and be prepared to share the gospel with them. Every believer has the responsibility to disciple others.”

I felt the passion for mission and discipleship from each service/session and learned its strategy. I believe Third Wave 2019 will be the start of our relationship/friendship and future missions we will do collaboratively.- Kengoro, from Japan.

After our time together as a region, Third Wave started and participants from the other regions arrived and we had worship times together.

Adiv, from Australia, said: “Third Wave was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life. It was just crazy to see so many Nazarenes from around the world… come to India to worship our Lord Jesus Christ! I believe the reason everyone got along so well was because of the Holy Spirit that connects us together and unites us as one, regardless of nationality or language.”

Nations gathering together in unison is what some would describe as a “taste of heaven”. -Sarah from New Zealand


Through Third Wave, God spoke to me who we are. We are all different! We have different languages, race, and culture but we had worshiped together and been united in the Lord. I’m so proud that we are the Church of the Nazarene. -David, from Korea


During the week, plenary sessions, workshops, and discussion groups were provided on the core strategies of NYI: Be-Evangelism, Do-Discipleship, and Go-Leadership Development.

For many years, we thought we were just a small Nazarene church in our country, but meeting all these young people made me realize that I am a part of a big church that feels like a family. Through their stories, lives, and ministries, I saw that God works in different and unique ways. I came back from the Third Wave as a different person. I am fully inspired, blessed, and ready to be a more effective leader here. I also didn’t feel so small and alone anymore because many people from many countries have the same mission to make Christlike disciples among the nations. Together, we can go far even though it’s not fast. Eunike, from Indonesia


Before the plenary sessions and workshop sessions started, the participants had a day of cultural immersion, which helped the young people spend time with each other and form friendships.

I learned many things from my brothers and sisters’ stories. Listening to how God works in their life strengthened my faith. I learned to live an intentional life, to make Christlike disciples wherever I go and the most special thing is through some of these brothers and sisters, God confirmed His calling in my life. My life will never be the same.- Renny, from Indonesia. (Photo by Jem Mortega)


Makoto, from Japan, shared that while the sessions and lectures were wonderful, he thought the break times, eating times, and fellowship time before going to bed were also great as they allowed for different people with different languages and cultures to interact. “These were the times when we freely talked…It’s just awesome hearing different life stories, struggles, passions, dreams, and calling. If I had to sum up all my learnings and inspirations from the event in one phrase, it would be: I am not alone. Seeing hundreds of young people, representing hundreds of thousands of young people, serving One God in one church, encouraged me beyond measure. We are not alone in this journey.”

Third Wave was honestly one of the best experiences of my life! It was an amazing experience meeting believers from all over the world: talking with them; sharing experiences; playing sports with them; and even just eating with them. The lessons I learned from those plenary sessions and from the youth around the world is something I will never forget.-Clayton, from Australia


My trip to India was all about People. I got the chance to: listen to the different stories of people from diverse culture and background, engage in thought-provoking conversations, and spend time in building new friendships that eventually formed a family.- Leody, from the Philippines (Photo by Leody)


Every Third Wave, a world market is held where young people bring items from their countries and sell them for a cause. We had a fun night!

It was such an honour to meet so many God-fearing youth, who have a heart for the lord and are hungry for more of him. I miss everyone so much. I’m so blessed because I know that God is raising up a generation of youth who fear God and are ready to make disciples of all nations.-Olly, from New Zealand


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Ministry with others was also a highlight and young people brought items to help Child Development Centers in India. The participants also learned about Creative Access ministry.

I’ve reflected on our time in India and not only did it make my faith stronger, but it reinforced my belief that God’s love conquers all. We may not be able to fix social issues in two weeks, but we learned that through God, we can still make a difference in the world.- Elsid, from the Philippines.


Rona, from Vanuatu, said: “The one thing that challenged me the most is making disciples. I learned that even youths like me could make disciples… and not just depending on the elders to do that. I also heard the stories from restricted areas and yet people there continued to serve the Lord and make disciples. I burst into tears listening to their stories. I feel sorry for them but I learned about commitment and that there is a reward someday for such faithfulness.”

During Third Wave God told me about discipleship a lot! Everywhere, every time, we can share the gospel and make disciples!- Puje, from Mongolia


Elfa, from the Philippines, said: “Through Third Wave, God showed me that His love has no boundaries and God inspired me to be more committed and passionate in doing His work. I am forever grateful to the people who made this trip possible for me.”

Third Wave was a week where I got to experience God’s presence with brothers and sisters in work from all over the world, be blessed with the hearing of the word and to be encouraged by the testimonies of others.-Kathline, from Samoa


Indeed, Thank you for your continued prayer and support for our young emerging leaders. We believe that this experience allows young people to have a bigger perspective of our mission.

As Than from Vietnam shared, he realized why God chose him to attend this training and it was not to become proud of what he has already done in his ministry but to see areas that could be improved, especially focusing on and taking care of his spiritual growth.

I am overwhelmed by the living encounter and experience with God in Third Wave. I don’t deserve this but God allowed me to join to experience His love, be honest with Him, and to remind me of what I’m supposed to do and be right on track. I had many shortcomings, but the opportunity to attend Third Wave is a way for me to bounce back and take all my problems and lapses as a challenge to move forward.- Japet, from the Philippines


I left Hyderabad with a GREATER FAMILY from over 60+ different countries around the globe, PRAISING THE LORD for having experienced a small picture of how heaven will be like and STRONGLY PREPARED to share the good news wherever I go. -Jonas, from Australia


As we finished our last day in India, we didn’t look at the gathering and learning time coming to an end, but it will continue with a ripple effect.

Jarryd, from Australia, said, “The beauty of Third Wave for me is that it wasn’t just a conference that went for a week. This was a conference that will last the rest of my life as I continue to be challenged and ask questions. I came back from Third Wave with many more questions than I did answers, and I think that is such a great place to continue my journey both in ministry and on a personal level.”

And for some, the movement has just begun.

Third Wave inspired me to go and make disciples. I believe this is what God wants me to do. -Onchana, from Thailand

Thank you for investing in the lives of our young people!

– Contributed by Janary Godoy, Asia-Pacific NYI Coordinator