Hi! I’m Sarah Palosa from the Philippines, and I come from a typical Christian family.

I’m a graduate of Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary (APNTS), Manila,  where I took up an MA in Christian communication major in multimedia studies.  I was supposed to finish my communication studies major in journalism back in college, when something came up and I was urged to visit Cebu. I was there to visit my grandpa who was undergoing chemo at that time but everything changed when God started to take the pen out of my hands. The original plan of a one month vacation turned into four years of studying in a Bible college.  My aunt’s house is inside the school campus and the only way I could stay there for so long was to enroll as a student.  That was the turning point of my life and at the same time a breakthrough.  In those moments I learned to fully trust and obey God. It was a roller coaster twist and turn ride, and it changed my life 180 degrees.  And it was all worth it.

In 2016, God placed a special burden in my heart during our tribal mission trip in Mindanao. Witnessing the faces of injustice in that place made me yearn to do something.  This burden fuels me to be available to wherever and whatever God is wanting me to do, especially in the issue of injustice involving children. I began volunteer work with children in churches as well as working at Shechem Children’s home in Manila.

My vision in ministry is always rooted in what Frederick Buechner said (which I slightly revised):  “I want to be in a place where God’s deepest gladness and the world’s deepest hunger meet.” That has been my inspiration for missions, to go to the very least of this world, to be with them and learn their culture and do what God has called me to do.