The general plan for the team is to be involved in supporting pastors/churches in local ministry opportunities, prayer ministry, and VBS/children’s ministry. The team’s goal is to be a blessing and be effective in serving however they are asked to serve.


The team will go through a high-quality series of training sessions from Jan. to May. They will be prepared to work as a team, to be adaptable and flexible, to understand principles of crossing cultural and language differences, to understand God?s Mission from the beginning until now, to grasp basic mission principles and practices, to lead children’s? VBS-type? activities and songs, etc. They will be encouraged to research and study the countries and cultures in advance of the trip, but in-depth country-specific training will not be given. The group is composed of a team leader and six students (4 boys and 2 girls) who will go to Myanmar and Thailand for the mission project.