To provide adequate housing for dedicated national employees at Kudjip Nazarene Hospital and Mission Station.


Project fund request: $10,000 Number needed:12. Running a health care ministry with a major hospital and Nursing College requires many different kinds of people to operate ? from cleaners to doctors, from general workers cutting the grass to administrators, from secretaries to midwives. Addressing the need, Nazarene Health Ministry ends up with a wide variety of housing levels for our national staff. Over 80% of people in Papua New Guinea live in the traditionally built small? bush? houses with no running water, power, or furniture. So though not up to Western ideals, even our lowest level of houses is a major step up compared to what most people grew up with or would be available in the villages. Still, we want all of our staff to feel valued and have a safe and clean environment in which to raise their families. Currently, many of our ancillary houses are very run down and very small. Our ancillary staff does some tough and dirty jobs and we want them all to have access to clean drinking water, a shower, and a toilet. The most affordable way to build these houses and teach people to care for them (particularly for those who have never had a modern toilet) is to build one toilet/shower block for every 4 houses with each house having a key to a specific toilet and shower. It is a good example of a health care ministry and a way to encourage our staff. The new ancillary houses are very basic but are more than double the size of many of our worst houses. They also are large enough to use for our basic health workers such as Community Health Workers (similar to a Nurse Aid). We will build a cement slab and prepare materials in advance of the team coming. A team of 10 to 15 people should be able to erect a house in 2 weeks. This makes a great work and witness project. We will hire some local carpenters or maintenance workers to help your team and you will have pictures from a blank slab to a completed house. You can also meet the family who will move into the house that you build. Great relationships, a great help to our ministry. ***Note: The per diem for W&W on the MSPF is $35/day per person while on the Field and an additional $3.25/day per person for W&W Insurance during the whole time of travel.