Construction teams needed to help renovate the building purchased to house the Fiji District Center. The vision is to renovate the multi-level building to accommodate the need for office space, a church/meeting hall, a large outdoor kitchen-space , and new restrooms. This also includes a renovation of the first floor to create dorm rooms to house about 30-40 pastors for short-term housing during their time of further education and pastoral training, as well as Work & Witness housing.

With the recent effects of Cyclone Winston, the Fiji District sees an immediate need to create a place of respite for emergency relief during and after natural disasters. After renovations, the District Center will be able to provide a place of protection for the community, it will create a distribution center for disaster relief efforts, and provide interim housing for the pastoral staff on their district, giving them a chance to rebuild after the storm.


Phase 4 addresses the current drainage issues (tackling concrete work) and the multi-purpose outdoor gazebo area. We already have local labour repairing the immediate drainage issues, but will need assistance with the rest of the concrete and drain work. For this project we would remove all the old cement outside of the carport, pour new sidewalks, and add a drain next to the building.

This project would include rebuilding the bure (gazebo, pronounced boo-ray) by pouring new cement over the existing pad, installing new posts and a roof, with the possibility of a half wall around the structure. The first four phases of the District Center concentrate on tackling the centers need for short-term housing and addressing the drainage needs. Once we complete these projects, we will go on to the last four phases which focus on an apartment, as well as the second and third level of the building.

***Please note that our individual cost per day of $35 does not include the $3.25 per day for W&W Insurance.