Construction teams needed to help renovate the building purchased to house the Fiji District Center. The vision is to renovate the multi-level building to accommodate the need for office space, a church/meeting hall, a large outdoor kitchen-space , and new restrooms. This also includes a renovation of the first floor to create dorm rooms to house about 30-40 pastors for short-term housing during their time of further education and pastoral training, as well as Work & Witness housing. With the recent effects of Cyclone Winston, the Fiji District sees an immediate need to create a place of respite for emergency relief during and after natural disasters. After renovations, the District Center will be able to provide a place of protection for the community, it will create a distribution center for disaster relief efforts, and provide interim housing for the pastoral staff on their district, giving them a chance to rebuild after the storm.


Phase 3 would duplicate the first phase of the Fiji District Center Renovation, project by creating a second dorm room area and installing another bathroom. This bathroom would include a toilet, vanity/sink, and a single shower stall. This dorm room would have three sets of triple bunks. Having a second dorm room area will allow the center to accommodate both men and women. ***Please note that our individual cost per day of $35 does not include the $3.25 per day for W&W Insurance.