The construction of the East Timor Nazarene Missional Training Center in Dili, East Timor is an important step in the development of the Church of the Nazarene in this area. This facility will serve as training center for extension education and missional and pastoral training as well as a worship center for our churches in and around the capital city of Dili. The facilities here will also be used throughout the week for various outreach and community activities including English courses, computer training and compassionate ministry. Phase One, Part Three of this project includes will cover the cost of laying the slab for the building and the building of the main walls. The gravel and sand is dug from the local river nearby and brought to the site by truck. The slab is usually laid by hand. The concrete is mixed in piles on the ground with three to four people and their shovels and a few wheel barrows. The wall are concrete block walls with reinforced concrete beams. Each phase of this project could also contain a community outreach or compassionate ministry project along with it.