Building Ministry Centers

VNBC- Ward Learning Center -3rd floor development

VISION At Visayan Nazarene Bible College students are trained and equipped as transformational leaders who will lead the church to go and make Christlike disciples. The school needs to continue to develop this multi-story building,… Read More

Visayan Nazarene Bible College- New Cafeteria

VISION VNBC trains and equips transformational leaders who will lead the church to go and make Christlike disciples in the southern districts of the Philippines. The school needed to provide a safe and clean cafeteria… Read More

Rowenas Church & Community Center Renovation

VISION To make improvements on the existing church and community center in Rowenas Community. DESCRIPTION The Rowenas church/ community center was built in December 2011 and completed in February 2012. This W&W project aims to… Read More

Buying Hours of Time in the Race to Reach Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea (PNG), in the southwestern Pacific, encompasses the eastern half of the island of New Guinea (shared with Indonesia) and its offshore islands. It is a country of more than 6.5 million people… Read More

VNBC – Women’s Dormitory Revitalization Project

VISION This project at Visayan Nazarene Bible College aims to renovate the women's dormitories, so that the students will have safe, sanitary, upgraded housing while studying at VNBC. DESCRIPTION In 2016, the Men's Dormitories were… Read More

Panay District Center & Parsonage

DESCRIPTION The district and local churches have been doing a great work for many years on this strong district. We are working closely with the local district leadership to develop a parsonage and district center… Read More

Culasi School Library Construction

DESCRIPTION The Culasi Church on the Panay District has an exceptional record for providing leaders throughout the Philippines. This Church and it's partners have developed a Christian School for the Culasi area. This is the… Read More

Children and Youth Development Center

VISION Cases of Online Sex Exploitation of Children, especially in poverty-stricken areas, cases of HIV-AIDS, and Drug Addiction are constantly increasing in the Philippines. GMA Church of the Nazarene and the Southern Tagalog District envision… Read More

Chapel Renovation – Visayan Nazarene Bible College

VISION The project is major renovation of the chapel. The chapel is located at the center of the campus and serves as the venue of worship and many social/school activities of all students. VNBC is… Read More

APNTS Completion of Stairwells

VISION Bridging cultures for Christ, Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary (APNTS) equips each new generation of leaders to disseminate the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Asia, the Pacific, and the world. DESCRIPTION he main building is… Read More