Field:  Korea District

President:  Seung-An Im

Address:  Wolbong Avenue 48 Seobukgu Cheon-an City Churgcheongnamdo, South Korea


Degrees Offered:

Bachelors Degree (Specializing in Rehabilitation and Welfare Studies)

Master of Divinity (Theology, Missiology, Christian Education, Christian Counseling)

Master of Arts  (Christian Education, Christian Counseling)

Master of Theology (Bilblical Theology, Systematic Theology, Historical Theology, Practical Theology)

Master of Education (Early English Education, Special Education)

Korea Nazarene University was founded in 1954 and accredited by the government in 1992. After beginning with three majors within the theology department, we created ten additional majors related to rehabilitation, including human rehabilitation. There are also three majors affiliated with special education. Additionally, our university has created maximum facilities for rehabilitation and special education students, and we are dedicated to training our students at becoming professional within these areas. Finally, we are forming the base of various perspectives in characterization based on majors such as social welfare.

KNU’s three basic mottos are Truth, Devotion, Love. They can be expanded as follows: let’s plant love in the whole country by purifying ourselves with truth and devotion. Nazarenes! Let’s soar into the sky. Let’s plant love in the country armed with truth and clothed with devotion. Nazarenes! Let’s soar into the sky.

The educational purpose of KNU is to produce missionaries who will serve in the mission field, and lay people who will serve the community, the nation, and all of mankind. This is accomplished through research and instruction in true academic principles, applied theories, and disciplines based on the Christian spirit, democratic ideals, and the creed of the Church of the Nazarene.