Southeast Asia

Nazarene Pastor on Southeast Asia Field Passes Friday Morning After Tragic Accident – Please Pray.

Southeast Asia Field:  Team members in one of our countries on the SE Asia Field, have just requested prayer for the family and church of Pastor UC who died in a traffic accident this morning.… Read More

Praise God – Team Member in Thailand Released from Hospital.

Bangkok, Thailand: The Southeast Asia Field is requesting prayer for Team Member Lisa Lehman, who was hospitalized  in Thailand on February 3, for observation and fever treatment as a result of an Influenza infection. Please pray… Read More

Unexpected Blessing by a Small but Powerful Church in the Country of Myanmar.

Kalemyo, Myanmar (Burma):   Southeast Asia team member, Bill Kwon, shares an experience of a very special blessing from a very unlikely place. In the north of Myanmar, about 22 driving hours away from Yangon (Rangoon),… Read More

Please Pray for Missionary to Cambodia Whose Mother Passes

Mrs. Joan A. Kleinfeld, 86, mother of missionary Rolf Kleinfeld, passed away on January 15th after a lengthy illness. She is survived by two children (Rolf and Jeff), four grandchildren, and four great grand-children.The funeral… Read More

Your Prayers are Needed for the Persecuted Church and Christians

We have just received a prayer request at the Regional Office from one of our team members in a sensitive area.   While the details are not completely clear,  and we can't share them all, we understand… Read More

Like Paul on the Damascus Road, Witch Doctor Encounters God in Amazing Way!

Myanmar, Southeast Asia Field:  The conversion of Paul is famous for its story of how Paul, on the road to Damascus to persecute the Christians, was met by God and changed for eternity. A similar… Read More

Urgent Prayer Request – Wife of Pastor in Myanmar Passes on Christmas Eve

Myanmar:  At a time when we are celebrating the incredible gift of God's Son,  and the peace, joy, and hope that comes with the acceptance of this incredible gift, we have received this urgent request… Read More

Growing the Kingdom? First Grow Your God Given Talents – Southeast Asia Is!

Chiang Mai, Thailand:  We all know that God created each person as a unique individual and that each person has been blessed with special talents and gifts.   As a Church, are we helping our… Read More

Newborn Daughter of Nazarene Pastor in NICU – Please Pray!

Southeast Asia: We have just received word from our Southeast Asia Field, that the newborn daughter (born December 14) of one of our Nazarene pastors is in the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in… Read More

Dr. Kwon Came to be A Blessing…But In Turn…Found Blessing Beyond Measure!

Myanmar, SE Asia:  Dr. Bill and Mill Kwon are Global Team Members who were just this past year, assigned to the Southeast Asia Field, where Bill serves as the Myanmar country coordinator.    He shares… Read More