Melanesia South Pacific

Thirty Years as Missionary Surgeon, Reflecting on God’s Power, Provision, and Protection!

Jim and Kathy Radcliffe, 30 years of service and counting... the blessings of the Lord! Nazarene Hospital, Kudjip:  Last month marked the 30th year of our faith journey and service in… Read More

What Does Holistic Ministry Look Like in the Highlands?

Papua New Guinea:  The root meaning of the word “holistic” is whole, from the Greek holos.  How does the concept of "holistic ministry" manifest itself in the highlands of Papua New Guinea? … Read More

Signs of Peace…The Power of Prayer in Papua New Guinea!

Kudjip Nazarene Hospital, PNG:  God is truly answering prayer in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea! Urgent Prayer Request - Tribal Fighting in Papua New Guinea Last week it was reported that some members of… Read More

Tentative Calm in Highlands of PNG. Please Keep Praying!

Kudjip Nazarene Mission Station, PNG:  Thank you for your continued prayers for the situation in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Urgent Prayer Request - Tribal Fighting in Highlands of PNG As of Monday, September… Read More

Urgent Prayer Request – Tribal Dispute North of Kudjip Mission Station – Papua New Guinea.

Kudjip Nazarene Mission Station, Papua New Guinea:   Please be praying for the effects of a tribal fight taking place in the area north of the Nazarene Hospital in Jiwaka Province.   A local leader’s son was killed at Banz yesterday, which is… Read More

Only God Knew What the Students and Staff Would Do In the Midst of This Drought!!

Kudjip Mission Station, Papua New Guinea:  Over the past few weeks we have been reporting about how the drought in Papua New Guinea has reached a severe state. The much-depended-upon gardens of the students at Melanesia… Read More

Let the Children Come To Me…Mango Tree Centre Does Just that!

Kingdom of Tonga, South Pacific:  But Jesus said, "Let the children come to me. Don't stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children." (Matthew 19:14) NIV The heart… Read More

Wells Are Dry, Gardens Have Died, Drought in PNG Worsens – Please Pray for Rain!

Papua New Guinea:  Across the highlands of Papua New Guinea, the story is the same, "Rain is desperately needed!" For several weeks now, the normally wet, fertile, rainforest of the highlands has been without life-giving… Read More

A Very Special House Call…With The Holy Spirit!

Nazarene Hospital, Kujip, Papua New Guinea: Recently, missionary Karla Deuel found herself headed into a village as part of a very special house call... As part of patient follow up, Karla along with Chaplain Moses, Chaplain… Read More

House Fire Breaks Out at Kudjip Station, No Injuries! Praise God!

Kudjip Mission Station, Papua New Guinea:   At approximately 9 AM, Friday morning, August 21, 2015 (7pm, Thursday, August 20, Eastern U.S. time)  a fire broke out in a staff residence on the Kudjip Station in… Read More