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Prayer Needed for Budget Crisis at Kudjip Nazarene Hospital

Papua New Guinea:  Prayer is requested for Nazarene Health Ministries in Papua New Guinea (PNG),  and health care across Papua New Guinea, as a significant budget crisis looms. The nation of PNG is in a… Read More

Update From Fiji After Devastation of Cyclone Winston

Fiji, South Pacific:  The devastating impact made by Cyclone Winston as it swept across Fiji on February 19 and 20, is still just now being fully realized. "Forty-two Fijians now confirmed dead - disaster officials continue to… Read More

State of Natural Disaster…Update from Nazarene Team in Fiji!

Fiji:  In the wake of the Southern Hemisphere's most powerful storm on record crossing directly over Fiji, Friday and Saturday, Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama has declared a State of Natural Disaster! Credit:… Read More

Sunday Morning Cyclone Winston Update from Fiji – Don’t Stop Praying!

Fiji:  Over Friday night and Saturday morning of February 19th and 20th, the Southern Hemisphere’s strongest storm in recorded history, Cyclone Winston, smashed the islands of Fiji, with estimated sustained winds of nearly 300 kilometers… Read More

“Fiji facing an ordeal of the most grievous kind” – Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama

Fiji:  Meteorologists are reporting that Fiji is currently being pounded by its first Category 5 Storm on Record. Click here for current position update! Sunday Afternoon - 02/21 Update from Fiji! As of 7:37pm local time… Read More

Prayer for Rain in Papua New Guinea Answered…to Overflowing!

Papua New Guinea:  You may recall that back in August of 2015, we were asking for focused prayer for rain in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.  A significant drought was causing major concerns. Drought… Read More

Tropical Cyclone Winston Reaches Category 4/5 Status – Now Headed Directly for Fiji!

Kingdom of Tonga:  Melanesia South Pacific Field leadership is keeping a close eye on Tropical Cyclone Winston, which has been churning in the South Pacific over the past week. Situation Updates Added to the End… Read More

The A-P Region welcomes new MKs! ***Update

Tabea Betsy (pronounced Tuh-bay-uh) The Asia-Pacific Region welcomes two new MKs to the Missionary family. Tabea (Tuh-bay-uh) Betsy weighing 4 lbs 10 ozs and Naomi Katherine weighing 4 lbs 7 ozs,… Read More

Prayer Request from Our Melanesia South Pacific Field!

Papua New Guinea:  Making Christlike disciples is never an easy feat. There are many obstacles along the way, one of which could be brought about by cultural differences. Today we received a prayer request from our… Read More

Medical Supply Shortage in PNG – Prayers Answered!

Kudjip Nazarene Hospital: You may recall back on December 5th, of last year, when a story and prayer request was sent out regarding the shortage of supplies at the Kudjip Nazarene Hospital in Papua New… Read More